The Paddock Project

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The Friends of Sherborne House have been very active and have played an important part in ensuring that the house is preserved. Their fundraising enabled the Thornhill mural in the hall and stair of the house to be professionally restored. The Friends have also raised all the funds to restore the Macready/Dickens screen which is currently a major exhibit at the Collage Exhibition in Edinburgh.

The Friends have a programme of cultural events throughout the year on subjects related to the House and Sir James Thornhill. These range from talks by well known experts to visits houses, museums and other historical sites. The Friends have also run their own gallery exhibitions and more are planned.

We welcome new Friends, you don't need to be an expert but if you are interested in supporting Sherborne House and learning more about it and its people please do join us.


Individual Membership
£20.00 pa
Family Membership
£30.00 pa

Download the form here and return to St Andrew's, Westbury, Sherborne DT9 3RA.

The Friends of Sherborne House, St Andrew's, Westbury, Sherborne DT9 3RA