Who We Are

The Friends of Sherborne House were formed in 1996 to provide support for the Sherborne House Trust whose aim was to raise sufficient funding to restore the House and open it to the public as an art centre and visitor venue. The Friends have been very active over the years in running cultural events and in raising funds.

Major campaigns have successfully raised funds to restore the Thornhill mural in the House and also to conserve and restore the Macready/Dickens screen.

The original trust was dissolved in 2018 and has been superseded.

In its place, Sherborne House Trust (2018) has been formed with three Trustees Michael Cannon, Sally Cannon and Chris Mitchell. This Trust has now acquired the freehold of Sherborne House. Its charitable objects are as follows:

  1. the objects for which the charity is established (the objects) are restricted to promoting and advancing the education of the public in the arts, in particular, but not exclusively by
    1. promoting and providing facilities for participation in the arts; and
    2. fostering and promoting the improvement and development of artistic knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the arts; and
  2. restoring, preserving and maintaining, for the public benefit, Sherborne House Dorset including the Thornhill mural, situated within Sherborne House.

The Friends continue with their objectives of supporting future developments at Sherborne House and in their aim to arrange cultural events of significance to the role of the House.

The Friends of Sherborne House, St Andrew's, Westbury, Sherborne DT9 3RA